Module 2

Teams and Teamworking

Module 2 – Teams and Teamworking

This aim of this module is to help you develop skills and knowledge in the recruitment, development and training of Teams to lead to effective team working and a High Performing Team that delivers high quality care to patients.

You will also learn internationally recognised knowledge and skills in Teams, Team working and Global workforce as this module is mapped against core subject benchmarks of an MBA Global Medical Leadership

The learning from this module also meets the

GMC Generic Professional Capability Framework:

– Domain 1: Professional Values and Behaviours
– Domain 5: Capabilities in Leadership and Teamworking
– Domain 6: Capabilities in Patient Safety and Quality Improvement
– Domain 8: Capabilities in Education and Training

And The Faculty of Medical Leadership and Management Standards:

– Domain 2: Team Player
– Domain 3: Corporate Responsibility
– Domain 4: System Leadership