Module 2

Learning Unit 9 Team Training

Module 2: Learning Unit 9 Team Training

Learning Activities

Learning activity 1
Can you think of how the three elements of SIT theory applies to you?

Which groups do you belong to? Which ones do you not belong to?
Have you identified yourself by your speciality or by the healthcare team?

Social identification
Which group identity have you adopted? Have you identified with your own medical or clinical speciality as well as the multiprofessional team and the organisation?

Social Comparison
Who do you compare yourselves to? Others professional groups? Other departments? Or other organisations?

Learning activity 2
Working with team members explore the core components of a shared mental model.

Learning activity 3
Identify a complaint against you, the team or the department. Work with the team to ask the following questions

whose role was it …? Whose responsibility was it to …? Who communicated with who and who should have communicated with individuals can help to check out the development of the shared mental model.

Learning Activity 4
Reflect on the people who are in your ‘in group’ what characteristics do they have that are most like your own?
Reflect on the people who are in the ‘out group’ – what characteristics do they have that are not like your own?

How can you increase your own awareness of unconscious bias in team working?


Learning Outcomes : By the end of this learning unit you will be able to

1. Explain social identity theory and how it works to include and exclude some team members
2. Explore how simulation training can enhance team working
3. Outline practical strategies for increasing team working to improve patient safety