The World Academy of Medical Leadership

Masterclass: Critical Appraisal for Doctors


The aim of this Masterclass is to facilitate your learning in everything you need to know to critically appraise clinical papers to understand and apply Evidence Based Medicine. This Masterclass in Critical Appraisal has been designed by our Leading Expert in Critical Appraisal and Director of Research, Mr Bolarinde Ola, to support your development of core skills in  finding the best evidence and learning skills to use techniques for RCT, Systematic Reviews, Diagnosis, Aetiology, Prognosis / harm. Quantitative and Qualitative frameworks will be introduced and explored and the skills of Critical Appraisal will be taught and assessed to the standards required by the General Medical Council and the Royal Colleges.

Mr Bolarinde Ola is a Consultant Gynaecologist, Advanced Reproductive Surgeon and IVF expert at the Sheffield Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. He is also Training Programme Supervisor for Reproductive Medicine and Surgery and has an MBA Medical Leadership.

Mr Ola was the Chairman of the RCOG-Nigerian Liaison Group until 2021, and has worked tirelessly to make the Department of Health’s Medical Training Initiative (MTI) more accessible for West African Doctors. Mr Ola has been appointed as honourary Director of Research at the World Academy of Medical Leadership, where he leads the Research Department, overseeing Medical Leadership research projects.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this Masterclass doctors will be able to:

• Critically define and explain concepts and applications of Evidence Based Medicine

• Critically formulate a clinical question exploring the differences between critical appraisal of quantitative and qualitative literature

• Utilise standardised Critical Appraisal frameworks to critically appraise evidence

Session 1: (2 hours) INDICATIVE CONTENT

Define and explain concepts of Evidence Based Medicine – an historical overview;

Evidence Based Medicine – how to find evidence

The use of applications and grading the evidence

Critical Appraisal Skills – quantitative articles

Critical Appraisal skills – qualitative articles

Homework (in between Session 1 and session 2) – working through the Critical Appraisal workbook; reading and critiquing six articles and preparing summaries and reflections in preparation for Session 2. (Course participants will be sent a hard copy of the Critical Appraisal workbook in the post after registration of the course)

Session 2: (2 hours) Indicative content

Reviewing the six articles and core elements of learning to Evidence Based Medicine. Systematic Reviews; Metanalysis and synthesis


• Pre and Post knowledge questionnaire

• Portfolio of evidence of skills acquired


• Summative feedback: on reflections of different types and grades of evidence

• The review of 6 articles and reflection on learning