Medical Leadership and Management

(Learning Pack)
Learn about your own leadership and management style and how to get the best out of your team.
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Medical Leadership Research

(Learning Pack)
This introductory day equips you with the core knowledge and planning skills to undertake a leadership and management research project in your department.
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Clinical Audit and Quality Improvement

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This one day course helps you to progress your clinical audit into a Quality Improvement Project to the standard required for publication
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Fellowship in Quality Improvement (FQIM)

Progressing to Fellowship in Quality Improvement Research (FQIM.Res)

SAS Leadership Fellow

For SAS doctors seeking recognition as Autonomous Practitioners


Fellowship in Quality Improvement

Application are open for February 2022
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SAS Leadership Fellow

For SAS doctors seeking recognition as Autonomous Practitioners
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We are a Faculty of Medical Consultants with MBA or MSc Medical Leadership, who are also experienced researchers, who have been working with doctors since 2010.

We will help you at all stages of your career to undertake a research project, from start to finish to: plan, design, implement and publish your own Medical Leadership Research Project. All doctors need to be proficient in research methods.

In November 2020, the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges recommended that more Specialist and Associate Specialist doctors should be supported to undertake research. SAS doctors often undertake a senior level post, fulfilling many of the roles and responsibilities of consultants, but often don’t have support to undertake a research project.

We will help you from the initial stages of planning, registration and the development of new skills to undertake research that you will be able to publish. We have built our track record working with doctors to undertake research and our work has helped doctors to:

• Advance their medical careers
• Successfully pass Consultant Interviews
• Be offered senior leadership opportunities in their job roles
• Publish their work
• Gain promotion
• Pass Royal College examinations

Our courses help doctors to gain a greater profile amongst their peers by:

• Supporting the advancement of research in their department
• Evidence to improve the health care system
• To provide real time research peer teaching to juniors
• To support the positive publicity of the department through research
• Raise the profile of doctors at conferences
• Raise the profile of doctors through publication

Speak to us today about any of the above programs - 078014 30840

Our Values

Diversity and Inclusion

Co-design and Co-creation

Respect our clients confidence

The health and social care workforce comprises of one of the most diverse workforces of any industry. Clinicians represent all countries across the globe and we acknowledge that women are 50% of the clinical workforce. We are aware that often the talents of our diverse teams are not always recognised and acknowledged. The way we work is to embrace the strengths of diversity within teams and seek team members to support and value all clinicians in the workforce. We support teams to identify their strengths to deliver the core business and show how team working can be enhanced to achieve greater quality for patients and greater productivity. We seek to support all people with unparalled professional development, networking and mentoring. Our view is that the more we develop and support you and your teams strengths and inspire inclusive leadership, the more we can contribute to a greater and better health care service.
We work with health and social care organisations to develop core knowledge of the problem and to identify an intervention that will achieve the results for the organisation. We believe in supporting the staff within the organisation to be co-creators to identifying practical ways to improve the delivery of services for patients. All of our work involves the respectful participation of all stakeholders, with patients and families at the centre of service evaluation and re-design.
We will not reveal the detail of our clients and we will not tout your engagement with us. We will work in confidence to support the development of clinicians at the heart of your organisation to drive forward positive, creative and dynamic workforce teams to deliver safe, effective and patient centred care. We will anonymise case studies on our website.

Our Faculty

We are a team of ‘Hybrid leaders’ who are defined by our professional practice in health and social care.

Our values are embedded in clinical practice and we are passionate about improving services in health and social care for patients. We are clinicians with MBAs who have successfully applied our skills and knowledge to enabling system improvement across primary and secondary care. We have undertaken work in the UK and Internationally

Dr. Jill Aylott

CEO and Head of Programmes

Dr. Jill Aylott is CEO of the World Academy of Medical Leadership and Academic Director for Programmes and Research at QiMET International. Jill is co-Editor of two books on Medical Leadership “Medical Leadership: a toolkit for Service Development and System Transformation” (2019)  and “Why Hospitals Fail” (2018) and she currently supports doctors to develop strategies for publishing their work in Quality Improvement and Medical Leadership. She works part-time as Programme Director for the MBA Global Medical Leadership at the University of Bolton.

Dr Remig Wrazen

Medical Director

Graduate of Warsaw Medical University and specialist in Anaesthesia and Intensive Care. I have been working as a Consultant Anaesthetist at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals since 2009. I have completed MBA Medical Leadership and took part in many Quality Improvement projects, service redesigns and financial flows analysis. I have developed particular expertise in Statistical Process Control use in QI and I am module lead for SPC in FQIM. I also have interest in Self-Determination Theory of Motivation and its use in performance management. As Medical Director I oversee strategy, governance and quality of trainee assessment.

Dr Kim Pramanik

MBChB (Hons) MRCP (Ireland) PGCert Ana Sci (Dis)

Graduate of University of Birmingham and currently embarking on a career in Histopathology, I have previously worked in General Medicine and Emergency Medicine, obtaining MRCP (Ireland), a PGCert in Anatomical Sciences and obtaining ALS Instructor and Medical Educator Status. Though always proactive when it came to clinical governance and clinical education, in the last two years, I have contributed extensively to the teaching curriculum to healthcare professionals of all grades in Emergency medicine, Microbiology and Geriatric medicine. I have also worked closely with the Pathology department at East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust, using quality and lean improvement principles to lead on trust-level projects improving the interface of Clinical Biochemistry and Microbiology with clinical medicine.

Mrs Lisa Fox

Advisor for Data Analysis and Informatics Support

Lisa gradated with a Masters in Health Management and Improvement and is Module lead for data analysis skills and communication with informatics. Lisa works as an Assistant Director in an NHS Trust and supports the teaching and development of doctors through an introduction to the use of Excel and Measurement to support quality improvement work.

Dr Bolarinde Ola

Research Director

Consultant Gynaecologist and Subspecialist in Reproductive Medicine and Surgery is the Research Director with a responsibility for advising and teaching research and Critical Appraisal throughout FQiM and other programmes developed with QiMET international.

He is also lead for Module 3 – Medical Leadership.

Mrs Justine Watson

Programme Manager

Justine graduated with an honours degree in 3D Design from Sheffield and has extensive experience in managing education and training programmes in health care. She currently is Programme Manager for the Fellowship in Quality Improvement and manages the academic timetable for FQIM and the trainee experience.

Dr Sri Harsha Indrasena

Chief Statistician and Director of Statistics at WAML

Harsha is a General surgeon by clinical background and has an MSc in Medical Statistics. Harsha provides personalised support for data analysis of Quality Improvement projects.

Dr Prosenjit Giri

Faculty Role

Dr Prosenjit Giri graduated with a Masters in Healthcare Leadership and Management and currently supports the teaching of doctors on the Fellowship in Quality Improvement.

Dr Martha Zuluaga Quintero

B.Sc. in Medicine and Surgery-Malaga Spain, Member of SEMES (Spanish Society of Emergency Medicine), Member of Official College of Physicians Navarra-Spain

Trust Grade Doctor in Emergency Medicine

Doncaster and Bassetlaw Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Emergency/Sport Medical Officer-Malaga Spain-
Resident Medical Doctor (MIR) within the specialty of Family and Community Medicine in the Teaching Unit of Navarra.
Trust Grade Doctor in Emergency Medicine South Tyneside Hospital NHS Trust
Trust Grade Doctor in Emergency Medicine Doncaster and Bassetlaw Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust


Quantify/assess the contribution and impact in Emergency Medicine the implementation of clinical and non-clinical skills.
Developed strategies to achieve progress towards mains goals: Universal practice of emergency medicine focused on the patient care.

Fellowship in Quality Improvement
Collaborative Emergency Medicine in Rural and Remote areas-Proyecto REPSIN

Dr Abdallah El-Safti

Consultant in Emergency Medicine and Sepsis. Lead for the Emergency Department, Hamad. Medical Corporation, Doha, Qatar.

Dr Rangani Handagala

Dr Rangani Handagala is a Sri Lankan national completing a two year Fellowship Programme in Emergency Medicine as a Registrar at Doncaster and Bassetlaw Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, UK. Rangani is currently completing her Fellowship in Quality Improvement and has specialised in implementing the HEART score as her FQIM project.

Dr Arif Muhammad

Dr Arif Muhammad is a Consultant in Emergency Medicine, Sepsis QI Project Lead, Pinderfields Hospital, Mid Yorkshire NHS Trust

Dr Jeff Perring

Medical Director, Sheffield Childrens Hospital NHS Foundation Trust


Dr Prajwal Adhikari

Dr Saurab Shrestha

Dr. Prajwal Dhungana

Dr Ankit Poudel

Dr Sundar Shrestha

Dr. Sikandar Thakur

Dr Suchit Amatya

Dr Tilak Sapkota