Fellowship in quality improvement

The Fellowship in quality improvement has been designed for busy consultants and doctors who are working full time but would like to complete a quality improvement project to the standard for publication. The Fellowship in Quality Improvement can be converted to Quality Improvement Research (FQIM.Res) at no extra cost.
Module 1 – Quality Improvement
Module 2 – Teams
Module 3 – Medical Leadership
Module 4: Change

The  FQIM programme consists of:

• Core skills in measurement for improvement

• QI project design in line with SQUIRE guidelines

• Weekly micro videos

• Monthly coaching sessions

• Free access to all conferences

All Doctors and Consultants who achieve the competencies of the International Academy of Medical Leadership’s Fellowship in Quality Improvement will achieve Fellowship status with the Academy at an annual graduation event.

Next Steps

Download the prospectus below, currently receiving applications for February 2022.