Module 2

Learning Unit 4 Patient Safety and Teamwork

Module 2: Learning Unit 4 Patient Safety and Teamwork

Learning Activities

Learning Activity 1
Think back to the last time there was a critical incident or never event. Can you recall the team communication levels? Is everyone in the team able to speak freely or are they constrained by a hierarchy? Have you tried Team huddles? Why not consider trying this approach to clarify your position as leader and to confirm your current strategy of care with a patient. Invite people in the team to ask questions.
Learning Activity 2
Patient Safety and Team working So how much does your team understand patient safety issues? The following questionnaire is a good tool to use to establish a baseline of where your team are and to develop a continuous action plan to continually improve:


Learning Outcomes : By the end of this learning unit you will be able to

• Understand the elements of patient safety and the role of team working in the prevention of errors
• Explore how to find out how well the team is informed about patient safety with a patient safety culture self-assessmentx
• Identify how to work with the multi-professional team, using leadership approaches, to develop strategies for improving a patient safety culture
• Understand how to work within an open communication environment with patients understanding the complaints process