Module 2

Learning Unit 6 Engaging Healthcare Teams

Module 2: Learning Unit 6 Engaging Healthcare Teams

Learning Activities

Learning activity 1
How engaged or at the point of burnout are you? Are you? (pop up the burnout blocks and the engaged) You might want to find out what the feeling is in your team before seeking to enlist buy in from your colleagues.
Learning activity 2
How well led is your organisation?
Learning Activity 3
For our final learning activity we would like you to go to the case study presented by Dr Samantha Wong in Chapter 23
Learning Activity 4
On page 200 the Force field analysis shows that there is a very close balance between forces for and forces against change. What strategy might you use to engage stakeholders to make this project more sustainable in the long term?


Learning Outcomes : By the end of this learning unit you will be able to

• Explain ‘engagement’ and the role staff engagement in healthcare
• Review the role of staff engagement in its impact on the quality of patient care
• Explore how staff engagement can lead to shared governance with patients