Module 4

Learning Unit 5

Module 4: Learning Unit 5

Learning Activities

Learning activity 1
Write the title of your own proposal as Research, Quality improvement and audit and explain the difference to the person sitting next to you. Check closely to see that your title is about quality improvement and not research;

Learning Activity 2
Develop an ethics application to support the registration of your quality improvment thesis/ report

Learning Activity 3
Using feedback from your tutor provide a reflective account and a revised etihcs application


Learning Outcomes : By the end of this learning unit you will be able to

1. explain the difference between research and quality improvement / service development and audit
2. outline the personal leadership qualities required for leading a quality improvement project
3. explore best practice in consenting patients to be involved in quality improvement and service development
4. outline additional safeguards when working with vulnerable people
5. Identify research skills required to undertake your quality improvement project for your thesis