Module 4

Learning Unit 1

Module 4: Learning Unit 1

Learning Activities

Learning Activity 1

Read the case study and working backwards, identify the impact, long term outcome and activity for developing a theory of change for what works to prevent the cancellation of operation on the day for patients;

Leaning activity 2
Can you identify any likely unexpected consequences from your own work in your department on the whole system?

Learning activity 3
How will you apply the five disciplines as you go forward in your medical career?


Learning Outcomes : By the end of this learning unit you will be able to

1. Explain what is meant by a ‘Theory of Change’
2. Apply the ‘Theory of Change’ to an example from within your own life
3. Draw upon Medical Leadership case studies to understand better how Theory of Change is applied in medical practice
4. Understand theory of change in relation to Systems thinking and Peter Senge’s book the Fifth Discipline