Module 3

Learning Unit 6 Daniel Goleman’s 6 Leadership Style

Module 3: Learning Unit 6 Daniel Goleman’s 6 Leadership Style

Learning Activities

Learning activity 1
Which leadership styles would you like to be used with you?
Which styles are most likely to motivate staff and patients and deliver the objectives of healthcare?Which ones did you choose?

Learning Activity 2
Refresh your learning about leadership styles in Chapter 2 by Bolorinde Ola and Aishin Lok, chapter 10 explains that leadership styles should be used with care and consideration about what will motivate others.

With such a crisis in the attrition of staff from the healthcare workforce we must pay attention to motivating and supporting staff to want to work within the team.

Learning activity 3
Can you give examples of when you will use each of the 4 styles

Visionary – Authoritiative


Learning Outcomes : By the end of this learning unit you will be able to

1. Explain the 6 learning styles set out by Daniel Goleman and critically explore their relevance to healthcare
2. Identify learning styles that will motivate and engage the healthcare team
3. Explore which styles will best meet the objectives of delivering healthcare