Module 3

Learning Unit 5 Self Determination Theory & Medical Engagement

Module 3: Learning Unit 5 Self Determination Theory & Medical Engagement

Learning Activities

Learning activity 1
To what extent are you able to determine your own quality improvement project?
Is ther pressure on you to do a project that is more of interest to your supervisor?
If you were to choose a project that most represents your passion what would it be?:

Learning activity 2
Can you identify 5 positive people around you in the workplace to provide support for your quality improvement project? Try to network and engage with these people as they are key to you sustaining your motivation;

Learning Activity 3
Have a look at the SQUIRE framework and identify what your QI method will be and how you will measure improvement. What skills do you need to learn to complete this work?


Learning Outcomes : By the end of this learning unit you will be able to

1. Explain what is meant by Self Determination Theory as a theory of motivation
2. Explore how to use Self Determination theory to engage colleagues
3. Reflect on an example of how SDT is used in workforce development
4. Identify how it can be used in everyday practice in the workplace to motivate the team