Module 3

Learning Unit 3 The Practice of Leadership

Module 3: Learning Unit 3 The Practice of Leadership

Learning Activities

Learning activity 1
For our first learning activity we would like you to turn to chapter 17 and read this chapter to support this learning unit.

On page 143 you will see how Dr Giri has learning about his own leadership development when using the NHS Healthcare Leadership Model
Can you identify what he states are his strengths and where he needs to develop?

On page 144 Dr Giri reflects on his management skills and affective leadership skills.

Is he a stronger manager or a leader?

Learning activity 2
We would now like you to think about how you might use different leadership qualities if you were required to steer this change project. Discuss with your partner in the class or reflect on the following……

The goal – change from working in professional silos to becoming a multi-disciplinary team

Which macro leadership skills will you use to provide visionary leadership? How will you convince people of your ideas?

Which meso leadership skllls will you use to work with the operational procedures for this change project?

Which mico skills will you use?


Learning Outcomes : By the end of this learning unit you will be able to

1. Identify ways to reflect on your own developing role as a leader
2. Use the ‘context’ model to understand different approaches to leadership as practice
3. Critically explore a brief case study, examining how doctors can support organisational change from ‘the practice of leadership’ approach.