Module 3

Learning Unit 14 Continuous Improvement Leader

Module 3: Learning Unit 14 Continuous Improvement Leader

Learning Activities

Learning activity 1
Can you recall which leadership styles are more likely to achieve trust with the team? Will these styles also result in staff becoming motivated to work towards continuous improvement?

An autocratic style which is controlling and commanding is not likely to support a culture of continuous improvement. It is the leaders who engage everyone, embracing diversity and make each person feel valued, who will succeed in building a culture of continuous improvement in the department.

Learning activity 2
What makes you feel valued in the organisation that you work in? Can you list here ideas that could make you and others feel valued in the organisation.

Learning Activity 3
Applying the questions set out here, if you were giving constructive feedback to the doctor and the team to learn from Oliver’s death what would you be saying and how would you say it?

Learning activity 4
Undertake the Johari Window exercise This should be done in a safe environment – list 8 traits that identifies you and ask friends and families and work colleagues to list 8 traits too.


Learning Outcomes : By the end of this learning unit you will be able to

  1. Define Continuous Improvement as a leadership responsibility
  2. Critically explore how to give constructive feedback to others that will result in positive growth and personal learning
  3. Apply the ‘Johari window’ as a tool for continuous improvement development
  4. Learn lessons from Oliver McGowan’s story