Module 3

Learning Unit 10 Compassionate Love & Servant Leadership

Module 3: Learning Unit 10 Compassionate Love & Servant Leadership

Learning Activities

Learning activity 1
Access the site and read the starbucks case study
What did CEO Howard Behar do to implement servant leadership at Starbucks?
Can Servant leadership work in healthcare?

Learning activity 2
Reflect on which of the two organisatioanal cultures would you prefer to work in and why?
The business argument for servant leadership is that staff are likely to be happier, feel empowered, to stay in the organisation longer, they are also more likely to provide higher quality of care to patients as they are likely to be better performing employees


Learning Outcomes : By the end of this learning unit you will be able to

  1. Define Servant leadership and outline how this is supported by compassionate or Agape Love
  2. Explain the business advantages of Servant leadership evidenced by successful companies
  3. Outline the benefits of a Servant Leadership culture in healthcare