Module 1

Learning Unit 3 The Pareto Principle & Process Mapping

Module 1: Learning Unit 3 The Pareto Principle & Process Mapping

Learning Activities

Learning activity 1
if you were the preseident of the royal college of obstetrics and gynacology where would you put your efforts for improvement using the pareto principle?
Lerning activity 3,
Undertake a specific literature review on adverse or never events, patient complaints or performance management data in your medical or surgical speciality are there any recurring themes from the literature? where do you think the biggest difference could be made with a quality improvement project using the 80/20 rule?
Learning activity 4 –
Read the article by Peerally et al. How might you ensure that your own involvement in a RCA is undertaken in a way that will embed the learning in practice.
Learning Activity 5 –
Undertake a process map and consent patients in this process; Learning Activity 6 analyse the data of the process map with the stakeholder group
Learning Activity 8 –
Create a Patient Persona for your own service


Learning Outcomes : By the end of this learning unit you will be able to

Explain and Apply the Pareto Analysis; Reflect on the evidence on how best to use Root Cause Analysis; Understand how to use process mapping; Critically explore the Esther project and how patient persona’s can drive up quality.