Module 1

Learning Unit 1 Quality Improvement and Audit – what is the difference?

Module 1: Learning Unit 1 Quality Improvement and Audit – what is the difference?

Learning Activities

Learning Activity 1
Familiarise yourself with chapter 1 slides from Reid and Sanders. By the end of the learning activity you should be able to explain the depth and breadth of operations management as a function of business and identify the role of Quality Assurance and Quality Improvement within this business function;
Learning Activity 2
Read a summary of ‘To Err is to be Human’ (2000) and Crossing the Quality Chasm (2001). These are core reading to understand the universal aim to improve patient safety in healthcare by advancing quality in the business function of the organisation;
Learning Activity 3
Read the Bristol Royal Inquiry and reflect on the government response and current practice for doctors.
Learning Activity 4
Undertake a scope of the quality improvement literature to identify if others have undertaken a quality improvement in a similar area to your own planned proposal. Set up a quality improvement stakeholder group and agree aims and objectives and terms of reference;
Learning Activity 5
Reflect on how you involve patients in the quality improvement initiative?


Learning Outcomes : By the end of this learning unit you will be able to

1. Explain critically Operations Management and its core objectives
2. Outline and define quality in healthcare as an activity in operations management;
3. Explain Quality Assurance and the role of audit as a method of Quality Assurance
4. Identify the role of ‘benchmarking’ as an important role of Quality Assurance
5. Introduce you to Quality Improvement and the IHI model for Improvement PDSA cycle
6. Outline the difference between Audit and Quality Improvement; 3.1 set the specialism of Medical Leadership & Quality Improvement within the context of the broader field of business and management